Akilgeeth Eco Innovation is a Design Studio that specializes in creating products and interior spaces that are sustainable and eco-friendly. The company’s philosophy is “Makes life Brighter”. Akilgeeth Eco Innovation bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary. It combines the best of both to give a unique experience. This could be through experience the sustainable products or the designed space. The core principle is to “Innovate, Create, Experiment and Inspire through new ideas and designs. The vision is to think outside the realm to create a customer-oriented design experience. Akilgeeth is the brainchild of Sangeetha Balakrishnan, a design entrepreneur. She is a passionate person, who loves design and admires the beauty in nature and in life. Just as the company philosophy goes her desire is to make others life brighter in every possible way. This attitude and passion inside her makes her the designer that she is today. Her widespread education in different fields and varied experiences makes her a unique design entrepreneur. She has worked in different design firms as Art and Interior designer both in India and the United States. She was fortunate to work on a short film, a production of Sony Pictures. These experiences have provided her with a wide spectrum of knowledge into the world of media, design and entertainment. The exposure and the newly gained knowledge in sustainability stirred her into observing and identify new technology and material that had gone unnoticed. She is deeply curious towards new material and technology and this keen vision inspires her to combining traditional cultures with modern style. She says, “Opportunities are everywhere, there are no limits to what I can do as it is limited only by the thoughts and actions that I chose.
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